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Campagne passate
Incontra Ronaldinho a Rio de Janeiro
Collabora con la Ronaldinho Foundation
Vivi la notte del “Clásico” e incontra Neymar Jr.
Collabora con l’Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr.
Meet Lorena at the grand finale of ‘Tu Cara Me Suena’
Support Josep Carreras Foundation
Messi will autograph his football boots for you!
Support Vall d'Hebron Hospital
Live the "Clásico" night and meet
Neymar Jr.
What a day! It was a magical moment. I hope my donation helps the kids of the Instituto Neymar Jr. Thank you BidAway.
The signed boots of
Leo Messi
I can not believe that I won! Thank you BidAway!
Spend an unforgettable evening with
Sergio Dalma
Unforgettable. I can't find a better word. Thanks to BidAway for making it possible and to Sergio Dalma for being as he is.
Attend the grand finale of TCMS and meet
Lorena Gómez
Exciting, it's been a great experience, I never thought I could win. I will never forget it, I return to Madrid with lots of memories of the day I met Lorena Gómez.
Discover your most mystical side with
Ismael Cala
It was very exciting, it filled me with joy to be in front of a person full of experience and knowledge, characterized by serving and giving the best of himself to humanity.
Action on wheels with
Laia Sanz
I have spent a great weekend with my family. It was my son’s birthday, so this was one of the gifts. We loved the experience.
The racket of
Tommy Robredo
I’ve been a fan of Tommy Robredo since the beginning of his career. Nothing makes me happier than having my idol’s custom racket!
The signed gloves of
Claudio Bravo
Thank you BidAway for offering us these incredible experiences for good causes and also thanks to Claudio Bravo for giving away his signed gloves.